After a couple years as a static website promoting the idea of a web without ads, we are finally launching a blog. Our goal is to continue promoting an ad-free web through this new medium, hopefully reaching a larger audience and sharing more practical advice.

Not many people like ads, especially on the web. The two most popular ad blockers on Firefox have a combined 15,000,000 users, and uBlock Origin in the Chrome Web Store has 10,000,000+ users. Content creators across many platforms, from independent blogs to YouTube, often point out that revenue from ads is not stable, which makes financial planning a lot more difficult from a business perspective.

However, not everyone loses. Often, the middleman wins big. That is why Google has grown to the size it is today. Let’s look specifically at YouTube. We can assume that most viewers, if given a choice, would prefer to not see ads. Similarly, content creators would prefer to have a steady income and good relationships with their viewers. In the current system, this cannot happen. Why? We’ll be exploring such topics in upcoming blog posts.

Instead of going after the ads themselves, like many “subvertisers” do, we want to prove that advertising on the web does more harm than good, and that there are better alternatives. We’re not interested in making up unjustifiable claims. We want to empirically show that without ads, the web will thrive with high-quality content.

Along the way, we will provide the insights and tools necessary for content creators to make money online without the use of advertising, as well as describe how people can support the content they enjoy in a way that is sustainable for both them and the content creator.