No More Ads Manifesto

Towards a beautiful, simple, free internet.

We believe the web is a tool for sharing knowledge and bringing people together, not as a place where users are profiled for targeted ads. We think that there are better ways of monetizing apps, services, and websites than through advertisements. Want to join us?

The Manifesto

The internet should be a place to share and acquire knowledge, to communicate and socialize, not a marketplace where users get targeted and profiled for marketing purposes.

With the appearance of ad-blockers, a fierce argument has developed on whether blocking ads would mean the end of the free internet era. This argument sets a dangerous assumption, that content on the internet is there merely for commercial purposes, and that it’s sole function is generating revenue to the publisher. We believe that, while this is a legitimate way to earn money, internet is much more than a global marketing showroom, it’s a place to share ideas, publish content—without any lucrative purpose—, and develop new ways of communication, enriching mankind as a whole. Reducing it to just a monetary question is absurd for us.

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