The web is a tool for sharing knowledge and bringing people together, not as a place where users are profiled for targeted ads. There are better ways of monetizing apps, services, and websites than through advertisements.

The Problem

We are concerned that, progressively, internet is becoming a marketing playground, where content is shared only for commercial reasons, promoted content is becoming indistinguishable from real, legitimate content, and digital services are offered for “free” at the cost of users being tracked and profiled for advertisement reasons.

We are worried that the privacy of users in internet is continuously being jeopardized, not by criminal organizations, but by advertisers and corporations, and that users are being educated to share their lives and give away their personal information, to be collected and incorporated into profiles for targeted ads.

We don’t want to be tracked or profiled. We don’t want to be ubiquitously exposed to ads. We are human beings, not products.

What can I do?

If you agree with our concerns, here are some principles that you can follow:

  • We won’t be collecting or tracking information about our users in any of our services, websites, or digital applications to elaborate a profile of them for advertising purposes.

  • We won’t show any ads in our applications, digital services, websites or applications.

  • We believe in legitimate business models that earn money through adding honest value to their users and customers, and we adhere to them.

  • We will respect the privacy of our users. We won’t promote behaviors that teach our users to give away their personal information. We will always inform our users clearly about the privacy connotations of using our services, systems and applications.

  • We won’t disguise promoted content as legitimate content into our applications, digital services or websites.